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Employer Branding Agency

Terms like ‘Employer Branding’, ‘Employer of choice’, ‘Preferred employer’ keep flowing in and out of discussion rooms.  The game remains the same – play the slot machine on campus, or spread the love with inhabitants of the company. It’s the ammunition that’s changed …

Earlier, the strength of your corporate brand was enough for someone to join an organization, but not anymore! Employers need to sing yet another tune.

So here is some stuff that’s been abuzz in the Employer Branding space off-late. . .

  1. Gen Z– There’s been chatter about ‘millennials’ everywhere. But, it’s time to turn our heads to welcome the new kids on the block now – Gen Z. Employers have already begun transforming the workplace to accommodate these younger lot – EVPs around independence, personal one-on-one interaction, fun perks and so on have started seeing the light of the day. These ‘Digital Natives’ are on their way, the ‘Communaholics’, ‘Dialoguers’ – are you ready for them?
  2. The Social Bandwagon– Being on social media isn’t a hot topic anymore, like Baloo says in Jungle Book, it a ‘bare necessity’. But what’s interesting is how netizens now share their work life without any inhibitions. #AdobeLife #lifeatdeloitte are a few examples of hashtag campaigns which went viral on the digital platforms, showcasing life at work curated by their people themselves. So gone are the days when a company would extol its virtues. The band has been democratised, its by the people, for the people
  3. Rise of the Gamified Employer Brand– Simulations that took over the L&D arena a few years ago have crept into the world of EB. The number of games, contests and promotions on a college campus, themselves need a calendar management system. Watch how technology starts to move to the core of such events – where soon we will see the equivalent of a ‘Fortnite’ in the talent attraction ‘arena’

That’s the buzz, for now, tune into this frequency for more happenings …

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