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Back to basics with CEAT

Employer Branding Agency

We’re entering an era where Recruitment Marketing is beginning to make its presence across channels, particularly billboards to localize communication within catchment areas. In rides CEAT with a smart, contemporary and bold clutter breaking communicationA few reflections curated from the Carpediem team …

One idea, one film: While learning the marketing ropes, one was always told that if you have two messages to communicate, you need two pieces of communication/. The CEAT ads are singular in their messaging, while one leans on the ‘Open door’ other promises ‘Your idea, your signature.’

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid): A theme that was bandied around during one’s management education, the campaign trio uses simplicity in its communication style; viewers are sure to ‘get it.’ One of the reasons it is a breath of fresh air in an Employer Branding space that tends to be loaded with messaging around careers, ambition, vision, impact and the like. Here is a style that is in sync with that of product brand communication; but more on that later

Did they connect the dots?While the ads individually communicate elements of the CEAT culture, they don’t appear to emerge from a core inspiration or essence. To occupy a clear position in talent’s eyes, an overarching proposition would help. There is a fleeting reference to ‘It helps,’ but the link is not overtly comprehensible

Biker & Maker: The product & employer brand communication is quite seamless. Both are simple, singular in messaging, are bold and use a slice of life approach. The importance that each gives to women be it an employee or biker is synchronous. There appears to be a firm handshake between the marketing and HR teams

Everyday joys vs. The Big dreamThe campaign is real. It captures those basic and simpler nuances of work culture, which most organizations either consider obvious or take for granted; that employees appreciate and connect to, the most. Instead of promising the moon, they have understood the pulse of the new age worker. If something as fundamental as experiencing ‘respect’ makes them feel connected to you, then play to that strength.

The StereotypeCEAT makes it clear to the world that differentiating based on gender is not cool. They also took a firm stand for women empowerment with their ‘Safety Grip’ campaign recently. Could have done the same with their ‘Annoying Secretary’ film.

It helps’ when brands like CEAT start moving off the beaten track, with a firm grip on what drives the emerging workforce. Let’s hope they keep the wheels turning …


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Check out the 3-film series for yourself and let us know what you think:

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