BUILDING EXPERIENCE LED BRANDS OF STATURE ...that customers, partners and employees love

Carpediem, since it's genesis, has partnered with over 100 clients to help them write their growth stories. Our expertise has been in the areas of Brand & Experience Design, Strategic HR and Employer Branding. We strive to create iconic brands through this versitality by straddling, both strategy and execution.

Our Experience Philosophy

A few years ago, we found our consulting work dovetailing into the ‘Experience Economy’ framework developed by Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore. The concept traces the evolution of business from Commodities, to Goods, to Service, to Experience and finally to Transformation - with customers, partners and employees in focus.

In the new age, emerged our algorithm – to use ‘experiences’ as a guiding force in building business and brands, through organization and people. This elegantly brought together our functional expertise of branding, experience design, HR and employer branding.

A few success stories

A restaurant chain

We've created an experience specifically for customers of an airport restaurant of an affordable contemporary restaurant chain. The core question - do we impact the customer experience at the restaurant, their airport experience or then their experience from the time they leave home till they arrive at their destination.

An Industrial Dorm

A living space and community for young single women who work in factories far away from home that seeks to play a transformational role in their lives. Safe & comfortable living, dignity and a path towards brighter futures

Steel Distributors & Dealers

We’ve looked at every touchpoint in the partner journey an embellished each stage with myriad experiences that range from brilliant basics, specials, wows and the peaks. Delivering strongly on the beliefs that relationships and mutuality are drivers of business

Our Consulting Practices

Strategic HR consulting

  • HR Blueprint
  • Organization design
  • Career Mosaic
  • Competency framework
  • Learning & development roadmaps
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership assessment
  • Functional coaching for marketing and HR heads
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic workouts

Employer Branding

  • Craft EVPs
  • Strengthen the Employer Brand Internally
  • Marketing strategy & activation for External talent
  • Brand Ambassador Programs
  • Campus connect & internship programs
  • Alumni connect programs
  • Employer Brand Audits & Workshops

Brand & Experience Design

  • Develop Brand Identity
  • Marketing strategy by customer segment
  • Experience design for customers & partners
  • Bring brand and experiences to life
  • Creative and communication development
  • Brand and experience workshops

Digital HR Consulting

First of its kind, webCHRO is an interactive, digitally-enabled HR Consulting platform

We are a team of professionals with decades of leadership and consulting experience. Our objective is to scale high quality HR advisory and make it affordable and available to all.